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A day in the life of a recluse:

*sends uncle Turgon a home-made t-shirt that says GONDOLIN SUCKED ANYWAY*
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Hello, cousin! I am currently hanging around outside of Minas Tirith, and am saying "hi" to both all of my relatives who are living and I haven't renounced.

*grim smile* For the record, I was rather partial to Gondolin, while it lasted.

:) :) :)

How's... stuff?
Well... I'm still alive, which is usually a good thing. I'm sort of lonely; haven't heard from Tuor since Erumas. And then I just found out about my grandchildren's incestuous habits and had to disown them. And then I ran into the Minas Tirith welcome sign and have a headache as a result. So, I suppose things aren't going so well right now, though it could be worse. Sorry to be complaining so much. How's everything with you?