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They're not very grey, or haveny. *wanders around* I think the water is thataway.

Wonder where home-of-Idril-and-Tuor is at?
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*walking down street with bag of groceries*
*slips behind a tree and watches her proceed down the sidewalk*
*continues down the street etc.*

*climbs the steps of a small white house, unlocks door and goes in*

door locked = tuor not home

*dashes to another tree closer to the house*
*while putting groceries away, notices movement out the window throught the corner of her eye*

*looks out* Hmmm. Must just be neighbourhood kids playing.

*finishes putting groceries away, goes upstairs to look for the book she was reading*
*sees silhouette in upstairs window*

..........I am not a fucking stalker. Knock on door or leave.
*sits down on bed and starts reading*

I'll come back tomorrow.

*heads off back to the inn*