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*stumbles across a bridge and down a little road, shivering violently*

Uh. When'd ev-v-verything g-get s-so short?

Oh. Oh! I m-m-must be in the shire. Not t-too much farther to th-the Havens n-now.

*staggers over to a tree and sits underneath, shuddering from the cold and wet, and watching the storm*
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Are you okay?

Perhaps you'd like to come indoors for a little while.... we have tea and cake and it's a lot warmer and drier inside... you'll just have to take care not to brain yourself on the ceilings
*looks up, teeth chattering* I'm, f-fine. Elves d-d-don't get s-sick. *sneezes loudly*

Then again, t-tea would be nice. I'm M-Maeglin. Pleased t-to meet you. *scrambles to his feet and bows formally*
Would you like a hot water bottle?