Maeglin Lómion (maeglinlomion) wrote,
Maeglin Lómion


*gets up, looks out the window*


*goes to the front door and peeks outside*

*sees no sign of Eöl anywhere*


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*crawls around in the mess of blankets on the couch*
Good morning kiddo.
Da-eee? *points to door*
Yup. Today we're going home. But not just yet. First we clean up here so Curufin and Emeldir know what good guests we are. Then we're going up to the Steward's Quarters to visit Issy and Liv for a bit, 'kay?
Issee temptess!
Exactly! I bet she'll be really excited to hear you say that. Now let's get this place tidied up and go see what Uncle Curufin is making in that kitchen over there...
Magin magin help! :) *rolls around in blankets*
I want to keep you!!

oooooo! Issee!

*bounce bounce cuddle*