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A day in the life of a recluse: -Friday April 2003|16:30PM-
- mood - busy -

*sends uncle Turgon a home-made t-shirt that says GONDOLIN SUCKED ANYWAY*

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Home sweet...thingy. -Thursday February 2003|22:32PM-
- mood - wet! again! -

Ooh Minas Tirith, etc.

It's raining... Wasn't it raining when I left?

Just a few miles north to mom's house. But I think I'll stop in town and buy and umbrella because it's cooooold.

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Pffft. -Tuesday February 2003|19:18PM-
- mood - being in the shire -

Maaaaybe I should go home for a bit, eh?

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doot doot doooo... -Tuesday February 2003|20:21PM-

I went to the Grey Havens and they were boring.

I looked out at the sea, and it wasn't interesting.

I talked to Idril. We had tea. It was nice.

Now I must declare war on a werebear and rescue a tiny ninja hobbit.
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....... -Monday February 2003|21:56PM-
- mood - not sure -

*sits down on the bed in his room at the inn, spilling the soggy contents of his pack out*

*notices the letter, breaks the seal and lies back to read it*

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Hmmm. -Monday February 2003|17:05PM-
- mood - blank -


They're not very grey, or haveny. *wanders around* I think the water is thataway.

Wonder where home-of-Idril-and-Tuor is at?

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still cold -Friday January 2003|00:26AM-
- mood - sick -

*clutches blanket close around himself and sits awkwardly in a hobbit-sized chair, teeth still chattering*

I'm lucky miss Primrose found me out there. ...I didn't think it was possible for me to catch a cold.

... *sneezes again*

Since I'm in the Shire, I guess I'll, um, try and find where my Grandma is burried.

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Brrr -Thursday January 2003|11:38AM-
*stumbles across a bridge and down a little road, shivering violently*

Uh. When'd ev-v-verything g-get s-so short?

Oh. Oh! I m-m-must be in the shire. Not t-too much farther to th-the Havens n-now.

*staggers over to a tree and sits underneath, shuddering from the cold and wet, and watching the storm*
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Well. -Thursday January 2003|00:09AM-
- mood - cold -

I try to help someone, and he goes and kills himself.

I'm still going to the Havens. Not to leave or visit Idril. Just to check... stuff... out. And say yo to that Círdan dude. Or something.

I've never seen boats before....

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*leaves note on kitchen table* -Wednesday January 2003|16:53PM-
- mood - nice maeglin always helps! -

Dear Mom and Celegorm

Going to show Elrohir how to get to the havens. I promise I won't get on any boats myself. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone else to babysit Yavien.

Back in a few weeks most likely


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... -Tuesday January 2003|11:35AM-
*gets up, looks out the window*


*goes to the front door and peeks outside*

*sees no sign of Eöl anywhere*


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So uh -Tuesday January 2003|01:30AM-
I have a new stepdad.

I'm glad mom's so happy. Really.

Me and Yavien have been staying with Emeldir and Uncle Curufin, so the um, newlyweds can like, have some time alone.

Um. Anyway. It occurrs to me that I should mention I met my cousin Gil-Galad's girlfriend/fiancée at the wedding, and she's um, exceptionally kind. And, er, kinda cute.


My plans for the time being: Avoid all contact with Idril, and see if Minas Tirith has any libraries.
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Ehehe. -Sunday January 2003|20:02PM-
Mom's getting maaaarieeeed.

I have to wear a suit. I get to carry rings.

I think I just saw a son of Fëanor chasing my dad out of the building... *picks up Yavien and goes to investigate*
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O_O -Wednesday January 2003|01:05AM-
How can two people live together, be in love, SLEEP IN THE SAME BED, and not have sex?

Answer me that.
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-Monday December 2002|23:47PM-
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