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Maaaaybe I should go home for a bit, eh?
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*quickly dries her eyes and forces a small smile*

You're not going to leave without saying good-bye again, are you?
Oh! I... *hands a wrinkly handkercheif* I wouldn't even consider leaving if I thought I could do anything for you by being here. But you need to spend time with your baby and- and her dad... now...

I am sorry I had to disappear like that last time. *fidgets* :\
*small smile* I've done nothing but spend time with the baby for the past three weeks.

*fidgets with the handkerchief* But I.. understand completely--it is selfish for me to even be sitting here talking to you now, really.. *bites lip* I'm sorry, Maeglin.
*hesitates for a moment, then hugs carefully* Don't be sorry. None of this is your fault.

*stands back, looks her in the eyes and brushes a hair from her face* You deserve to be selfish for once.</font>
*returns his hug shyly but says nothing, not entirely convinced*

*holds his gaze for a moment before dropping her eyes to her lap* No, I don't like this. I have everything I always wanted, but... *sighs quietly and returns her eyes to his once more* You are too good a friend to me, Maeglin...
It's no less than you deserve. I'd do anything for you...</font>

*takes another step back* I mean-- Anyone would. You're the kindest person I've ever known, and everyone... Everyone... loves you.</font>

*miserable look* They shouldn't..
Being humble is one thing... To believe yourself unworthy of being loved, well... That's what silly people like me do.
*voice drops to a whisper* I think.. you know what I meant, Maeglin..
*bows head and shrugs* You understand why I should leave, then?
*draws her knees up to her chin and nods* Yes.
I don't want to but.. but you know I have to leave. It's for the best.

*takes deep breath and lets it out slowly* Try not to think about it... The best thing you can do for me is just go on with your life and be happy. *encouraging smile*
*swallows to try and ease the tightness in her throat* Can I say one last thing before you leave? I didn't... I didn't know he was coming back..
But he did, Elanor. He came back. And if you can forgive him for leaving you alone so long... It's not my place to interfere any more.</font>
Yes, he did. He kept his word to me, and for that... *deep breath released with a shuddering sigh* for that I think he deserves a chance..

*voice cracks and tears stream down her face* I'm so sorry, Maeglin...
Please don't be sorry. *wipes a tear away* I'll never be able to live with myself if I hurt you. I'll never sleep, if I leave you in tears now.
*sniffles and quickly wipes tears away*

This is so horrible of me.. I'm the last person who has any right to cry now.. I'm so sor-

*bites her lip before she finishes the apology*

*takes several deep breaths to try and calm herself*

You haven't hurt me, Maeglin.. It grieves me to think that I've caused you pain..
*Shakes head* You can cry if you want. And you can... be sorry if you want.

But you didn't hurt me, lovely girl. It was by my own choice that I let things go as far as they did. *forces another smile* It's not like this hasn't happened to me before.
*fresh tears in her eyes because of his kindness*

*sharp intake of breath* Which is why I'm all the more sorry.. *shuts her eyes against the pain* you of all people, Maeglin... *draws her arms around herself more tightly*

*hesitates, biting lip, before hugging her again* Please... I'm sorry. If there's anything... If I can make you happy by staying or leaving, by life or death, please tell me. *closes eyes to hold back tears* I don't know what to do.
*swallows hard, forcing her emotions to quiet so as not to put him through this any longer*

*kisses his cheek and says softly* I want you.. to take care of yourself as best as you can.. *voice begins to waver but she struggles to steady it once more* and I hope that perhaps one day we can be friends again.
*nods* I will. I promise. You... you do the same.

I- I'll write. When I get home. *smiles again* I've missed Yavien so much. It'll be good to see her and my mom again.
*summons a small smile* All right. And I will.

*smile brightens somewhat* I'd like that, very much.

Yes. Tell them both hello for me..?


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I think that vulnerable hobbit chick could use some company. Go on. Be a man.
Aww, fatherly advice.